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Subject: [ExI] England Covid deaths miscounted


Thousands of England's virus deaths 'to be wiped off records due to counting








Public Health England currently counts all deaths of people who have tested
positive for Covid-19, meaning up to 10 per cent of those recorded could be
wrong By Ryan Merrifield 06:48, 6 AUG 2020


Public Health England currently includes all fatalities of anyone who has
tested positive for Covid-19, regardless of whether their death is related
to the disease.

Scientists noticed the error as early as July, leading to an urgent review,
with some deaths on the official count happening months after someone was

The mishap means all of England's 265,000 confirmed cases would in time be
included on the toll, regardless of the circumstances around someone's

The numbers will be reconfigured so deaths are only counted if a person dies
within 28 days of testing positive - like in Scotland and Northern Ireland.








Thanks BillK.  Hmmm, 10%, that's the first time I have seen either a limit
or an estimate on that number.


In the USA, they acknowledge they count positive tests as covid deaths, with
no 28 day limit.  Over time, the count of those who were infected and
recovered accumulates, particularly the aged, who we know this hits really


The Mirror article calls it a "mistake" and a "mishap" but they aren't
treating it as either of those here, and are apparently still doing it at
least in some counties in California.


Next thing we need to know is how Sweden did it.  UK and USA counted the
Withs with the Ofs.  UK is planning to stop, USA is not.  Sweden never shut
down anything, their numbers went down to nothing.  What we don't know is if
they are counting their Withs with their Nots.  The Ofs are hard to prove,
and the Withs are easy to determine: nearly everyone has a With to go along
with their covid.  


So how does it work?  I have occasional erectile dysfunction, which one
might suppose could be fatal if one shoots oneself over it or perishes of an
overdoses of Viagra (don't worry, I wont) and mighta had covid last winter
(if so, I still have the antibodies.)  If I perish of embarrassment in the
USA, I test positive, died With covid and get counted.  If I die of actual
covid while touring the ABBA museum in Sweden, I died of embarrassment and
don't count?


Let's take that 10% number for a minute.  If it is true, then we don't care
really: the numbers are accurate enough for what we are doing.  But how do
we know the delta is 10%?  


If that number is true, it brings up another scary possibility: the USA and
most other countries wrecked their economies by shutting stuff down, but are
still having covid fatalities.  Sweden didn't and they don't.  They have an
attitude there:  we are Sweden, home of the mighty Vikings, way the hell up
here where winters are brutal, people are indoors a coupla months every
year, we have an international airport bringing in everything, diseased
proles from everywhere on the planet come to devour the meatballs and see
the ABBA museum, we have a lotta flu up here, we deal with it, for we are
SWEDISH, dammit!  The flu doesn't stop our Volvo factory!


Their problem was big in April and May, but isn't now.  If that 10% number
is right, we need to rethink our approach.



Anders or any Swedes present?  Or anyone here up to speed on this?
Vacationed there recently?  Volvo drivers?  ABBA fans?





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