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> But please keep this in mind: the shutdown isn’t an opportunity, it is a
> crisis.  If businesses die, we die.  It isn’t just in capitalist America,
> it is everywhere.  It really isn’t an opportunity to transform anything, or
> if so, the transformer’s fondest wish would be to transform it to back the
> way it was before they seized the opportunity.  It really is a crisis only.

I disagree that the pandemic isn't an opportunity. It's not an opportunity
we wanted, but it's here nonetheless. We're finding new and better ways to
do things that we previously lacked the motivation to do: like remote
work/learning and virtual meetings. This may be a crisis to people in the
disrupted fields but nobody is insured against change. The pandemic is
making some things change faster than they would otherwise but the end
result is that we'll be doing things more efficiently/safely in the future
as a result.

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