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But please keep this in mind: the shutdown isn’t an opportunity, it is a crisis…


>…I disagree that the pandemic isn't an opportunity. It's not an opportunity we wanted, but it's here nonetheless. We're finding new and better ways to do things that we previously lacked the motivation to do: like remote work/learning and virtual meetings. This may be a crisis to people in the disrupted fields but nobody is insured against change. The pandemic is making some things change faster than they would otherwise but the end result is that we'll be doing things more efficiently/safely in the future as a result.  -Dave




Ja, so we hear.  I have been trying to see it that way, but it takes effort, and must be done very carefully.  From the point of view of those who do not like those changes, it sounds like we celebrate death.


I will freely confess the online learning has been great for my family.  It has forced colleges to offer the option of online classes, which is great from the point of view of those who would otherwise need to pay for on-campus learning or who would like to attend somewhere like Berkeley but do not consider it safe to go to the campus.  Berkeley offers a great education for a good price, but you might get killed there by some drug-addled anarchist.


So… OK, take the classes online, get great credentials with the California taxpayer subsidizing most of the tuition, stay home, stay safe.  Such a deal!


>From the point of view of those who cannot effectively use online learning, or who crave social contact, the online learning is a still darker lining to a dark cloud, a double tragedy.  


The covid quarantine compelled Berkeley to go down that road of online learning, however… I never want to make it sound like a silver lining to a dark cloud.  It is a consequence of a tragedy which… well… does benefit some people.  Eh… it’s a paradox.



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