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 >Perhaps we should be looking to Sweden for guidance


>…Perhaps Sweden is not the best example if we're looking for pandemic wisdom, maybe we could get better guidance by observing the other Scandinavian countries…


Or just compare them against each other.  Sweden is the world’s mine canary, having never shut stuff down.


>… Denmark has had 619 deaths from COVID-19, Finland has had 331, Norway has had 256, but Sweden has had 5,766. 


John K Clark



OK.  Sweden was doing something seriously wrong in March and April, but in May, June, July and August, things went well for them:




Sweden is doing better than New York and Texas with their aggressive shutdowns, and way better than California with its mixed approach.


Looking up there at Sweden, who didn’t ever go the shutdown route, we next might need to look at business failure rates, suicide rates and school scores to figure out the cost in human lives of a shutdown.


Given Sweden somehow managed to bring this to the ground without a shutdown, could this be what herd immunity looks like?  What if… these Nordic countries just have a higher natural resistance to flu?  If so, that would make sense: they are cooped up indoors for a long time in the winter, they go outside a lot in the summer, we have good indications the risk of outdoor transmission is comparatively low because the political rallies, rock concerts and protest riots didn’t show a lot of transmission.


So…  is that Sweden signal indicating Stefan was right and that eventually herd immunity is the way?





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