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Are you familiar with the new, to me, H factor?  I have a book here by Kibeom Lee and Michael Ashton that discusses the Hexaco inventory.  Aside from associating shyness with introversion (only high N introverts may be shy and that's a minority) it's pretty good.  Here is a sample that others in the group might like:


"People who are low in H (humility/honesty) and high in O (openness - from the Big Five) are aggressively nonconformist.  Their high O results in a natural inclination to be unconventional; their low H in a lack of consideration for other people.  The result is a person who takes a special joy in offending community standards and who defies conventional morality partly in order to gain a reputation for being radical."


Such a person would seem to characterize someone who would not wear a mask and perhaps be in the antiscience crowd.


What do you think?


bill w




BillW, set up two axes, H on the vertical, O on the horizontal, divide into four quadrants, number them in the usual way familiar to algebra students.  You described quad 2 with low H and high O.


I claim to be out on the far corner of quad 1: high humility and honesty, high openness.


Regarding masks: that one is complicated by a wide variation in how much people believe they are effective outdoors.  I have never convinced myself that they are a bit effective outside.  Staying back is way better.  With that model, not wearing a mask is a safety thing: the other proles see you not wearing one and they stay farther back, which protects both.


Here in California we are constantly urged to wear masks, and I see nearly half the proles doing so, outdoors.  Indoors at a business it is required: the store owner can throw one’s ass out for not doing it.  So that one doesn’t really count.  But I have seen extremists, still see them: wearing a mask while driving alone.  That should be discouraged methinks: the increase in CO2 while driving is a bad thing.


Refusing to wear a mask outdoors should not be equated with lack of consideration for others, for that isn’t what it is.  Wearing a mask indoors should not be equated with consideration for others, because that isn’t what that is either.


Nonconformity isn’t entirely voluntary.  Some people really are just weird.


Do reframe your Hexaco question please.



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