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> >…Non-conformity is context dependent, no? So with masks, non-conformity would have to be judged on the basis of the social context, no? In other words, let’s say I live in a small rural community that is solid red and mainly populated by White evangelicals. Wearing a mask would be seen there, back in say early June, as going against the grain.
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> Dan it really doesn’t break out that way.  Everything isn’t politics.  Everywhere is a mixture.  There is a general trend toward those categories you mentioned in rural communities, however those communities are also naturally more socially distanced, because they are less densely populated.  Places which are less densely populated have less access to masks and less need for them, regardless of their political persuasion.

My hypothetical example wasn’t meant as me saying everything is political (though I believe just about anything can be politicized). It was meant to illustrate how non-conformity is contextual. Imagine a straight thirty year old male wearing a frilly dress. Is that non-conformity in action? Well, not if he’s doing the Mount Saint Helens Mother’s Day Hike. He probably is non-conforming, though, if he wears it to the Fourth of July picnic and he’s the only male there doing that.


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