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>…My hypothetical example wasn’t meant as me saying everything is political (though I believe just about anything can be politicized). It was meant to illustrate how non-conformity is contextual. Imagine a straight thirty year old male wearing a frilly dress. Is that non-conformity in action? Well, not if he’s doing the Mount Saint Helens Mother’s Day Hike. He probably is non-conforming, though, if he wears it to the Fourth of July picnic and he’s the only male there doing that.








Oh OK cool got it, thanks Dan.


Regarding wearing frilly dresses and such, I am the most conformist person you will ever meet.  Well, sorta.  I found a source where I could get military surplus wool field trousers manufactured for army guys in 1951.  It’s in my favorite color: olive drab.  


So I bought a dozen pairs of them and discovered I could actually wear something without modification directly off the shelf because of my oddball size (28 inch waist, 35 length).  I just donated the last of every other pair of trousers I own.  So now my trousers are all nearly 70 yrs old.  


Now that I think about it however… that isn’t conformist either really.  I am the only person I have ever seen wearing such absurdly retro garb, outside an old John Wayne movie.


OK then.  I guess I hafta face the facts: I am just weird.


However, BillW’s Hex scale should have a B factor.  I would totally dominate that, for I am the most boring person in the world.  Or rather I thought so, until I started bragging it up and several other fellers proposed a boring competition.  I was winning, going for the world record in boring, but as soon as I achieved that, I was the world record holder which is interesting and they took my trophy from me and my record from me.  Damn.



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