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I’ll just say at this point, 


>…What a weird thread to have associated with my name…


Nah, this wouldn’t even make it to the semi-finals compared to some threads we have had here.


I used to think I was the weirdest person ever, but once I came to California, I realized I would be struggling before I even made it to the state-level championships.  I went down to Santa Cruz, got so discouraged I don’t even bother competing in weirdness contests anymore.   


>…Masks, frilly dresses, hiking, bears. Just another reason I love this list…


The unpredictability of it all has kept me interested for over a quarter of a century.


>…A psychology lab could come up with, if it doesn’t already exist, a protocol to measure ‘consideration for others’ if that is a valid construct. Sounds to me like Conscientious in part. And it opposes selfishness but is not quite selflessness. It’s not quite altruism either. I’m not sure how humility would be measured btw.  -Henry


Henry, don’t eeeeeeven bother trying to measure up to your old Uncle Spike in humility.  I would beat you so bad, you would be humiliated and beat me.


Since you are looking for words, consider this one Henry:  Sadness is to happiness as anger is to… what?




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