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> I find objecting to "cultural appropriation" ridiculous.  What this
> means is that the population of those who "appropriate" find some
> aspect (meme) of the originating culture attractive.

### "Cultural appropriation" does not refer to an idea whose merits may be
rationally discussed. It's just a verbal distraction used by psychopaths
who want to attack a person they need to weaken or destroy. Groups of
status-maximizing psychopaths need to coordinate their attacks. They come
up with seemingly inane terms of opprobrium that are then used by members
of the group to maintain cohesion and to exclude others. Orthodox
communists would accuse an enemy of being bourgeois, being kulak or having
a Trotskyist deviation, a Buharinovist deviation or whatever. The targets
would be then destroyed by a coordinated action. Then new accusations would
be invented against other groups or factions, always keeping the meat
grinders churning.

If you are targeted by this form of attack, never engage its surface
content. Do not argue what is or isn't cultural appropriation, do not try
to reason with them. If you have the power, attack the persons who are
attacking you, not their words. If you are weak, run away.

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