[ExI] What are everyone's life extension strategies?

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> I am NOT a doctor, so you do need to do your own due diligence, but as I've mentioned on list before, one of the pharmaceutical interventions I take for potential anti-aging benefits is pulsed rapamycin (meaning I take it once a week in an attempt to avoid undesirable side effects).  It has a fairly long half life, so the argument can be made that pulsing it makes sense for a few reasons.
> Anyways, I'm bringing it up again because there is enough animal evidence that it reverses an enlarged heart (hypertrophy) for it to be worth considering for you in addition to the other potential benefits.  In fact, the doctor who prescribed it for me is an elderly gentleman who decided to take it for an enlarged heart after he noticed trouble walking up a hill he had not had problems with in the past.   Anecdotally, he has had very good success with it.  Here are a few animal studies on it:
> Abstract
> Rapamycin, also known as sirolimus, is an antifungal agent and immunosuppressant drug used to prevent organ rejection in transplantation.

"Immunosuppressant" ??  Is it safe to weaken the immune system when
surrounded by Covid-19? Especially for an older person?


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