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>…That's because the actual act of attempting suicide is an impulsive action (I'm not arguing about what leads up to it, but the actual decision to follow through).   You get very few do overs with firearms and it is very easy to pull a trigger without fear of future suffering in the act… Dylan



Hi Dylan, agree.  This has given me pause, and a reason for deep introspection.  Guns do offer a painless easy way out should someone decide on that course.  One of our former ExI posters chose to go that way, puzzling in a way, for he was a cryonicist, with bracelet.


I was friends with him, as he was a local.  His intentional passing caused me to rethink some things.  For instance, if one owns a firearm, that does offer a painless way out, even if one’s chances with cryonics would of course by greatly diminished, to say the least.  


But what if… one had a cryonics contract, felt overwhelmed with whatever it is that people feel overwhelmed with when they carry out their final act (I have no experience with whatever that is) but still wish to take a chance with cryonics, uploading in the far future, that sorta thing.  Then, perhaps the person makes the deliberate choice to alert the medics and authorities regarding self-murderous intentions, then when the doorbell rings, uses the firearm in such a way that it is scarcely less lethal, but leaves the brain intact.


The EMTs realize there is little point in emergency procedures and it is perfectly clear to the coroner the cause of her untimely demise, so only needs to check to see if funding is available for yet another tragic fatality with covid, but otherwise corons and hands over the remains to Max More, assuming coroners coron, Max does what Max does, time does what time does with unfailing consistency, technology does what we fondly hope technology will do, she comes back as an uploaded being.


Here’s the scary part: suppose she discovers whatever unspeakable despair led to her initial demise is still with her, but now her trusted firearm is of no further use, for she has no physical fingers.  The mind boggles.



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