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For those interested, Sam Harris, has thought a lot about this topic.  He
doesn't believe in free will and has a similar attitude to John.   His book
Free Will is a start, but it permeates all of his thought.

For those who want a non-scientifc way out of this conundrum, read
Lucretius's De Rerum Natura.   He posits a swerve at the atomic level
(Greek/Roman atoms, not ours), that allows for free will.

As an aside, The Swerve is a fascinating book about the rediscovery and
preservation of Lucretius's masterful Epicurean poem.

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> *> I’m sorry but if free will is wrong then there is no crime or guilt. No
>> motivation. People cannot change themselves, they are fully at the whim of
>> outside forces and cannot be held accountable. *
> Sure they can. The only reason to hold anyone accountable for doing a bad
> thing is to prevent more bad things from happening in the future. That's
> justice, doing more than that, making an evil doer suffer just for the joy
> of watching him suffer is vengeance. The threat of punishment is just one
> more outside force pushing people in the direction of not hurting other
> people, and I like that direction. I don't like vengeance.
>  John K Clark
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