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>…I see about as much evidence of widespread FISA abuses as… that is to say no evidence at all… John K Clark



I see.  So the FBI pleading guilty to falsifying evidence, which is a felony, will cost the perp his law license and possibly send him for a long vacation at Club Fed, equals no evidence at all?


I don’t recall when (if ever) any FBI agent has been convicted of the felony of falsifying evidence.  It looks to me like we would need to review every case this guy ever touched and every project on which he ever worked.  Hard telling how many are in prison because the FBI falsified evidence against them.


We have one of our own right here who spent time in prison over falsified evidence.  This is serious business when the FBI does it.


If Friday and Gannon had not already perished of natural causes, this would have killed them both.  



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