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>…We have one of our own right here who spent time in prison over falsified evidence.  This is serious business when the FBI does it…If Friday and Gannon had not already perished of natural causes, this would have killed them both.  spike



John, you have been with us long enough to recall the Patriot Act and all that fine print way down in there about FISA courts and FBI and CIA and all that?  Do you recall our own Samantha Adkins getting into it with our own Julian Assange, with Mike Lorrey shrieking the loudest of all (Mike was good at that) but at the end of the day…


…Samantha turned out to be exactly right.  This FISA business is unaccountable power, it is dangerous, it will corrupt, it will be abused for political reasons, she very clearly warned us. 


She was right on.  We didn’t believe it.  We should call her Cassandra.



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