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> *So the FBI pleading guilty to falsifying evidence* [...]

I didn't know the FBI could plead anything, and any damage caused by abuse
of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is trivial compared to damage
caused by Russian intelligence operatives in the 2016 presidential
election; of the 120 million votes cast in 2016 if 107,000 votes in 3
states had been different we wouldn't have the president that we have now,
so it's not much of a stretch to say that Vladimir Putin decided who our
president would be.

Just a few days ago the *Republican controlled* Senate concluded that Trump's
campaign chairman Paul Manafort's "*high-level access and willingness to
share information with individuals closely affiliated with the Russian
intelligence services*"  was a "*grave counterintelligence threat*," and
his "*presence on the Campaign and proximity to Trump created opportunities
for Russian intelligence services to exert influence over, and acquire
confidential information on, the Trump Campaign*."  *Republican senators*
concluded that Manafort was working directly with Konstantin Kilimnik, a
Russian intelligence officer, and tried to share information with him.

The *Republican committee* says it obtained "*some information suggesting
Kilimnik may have been connected to Russia's 2016 hacking operation of
Hillary Clinton's emails and the Democratic National Committee*", the
Republican agents continued until at least January 2020 to spread
disinformation about Russia's role in the 2016 election and Manafort and
Kilimnik actively participated in this influence campaign by blaming the
meddling on Ukraine.

The* Republican committee* found that Vladimir Putin was personally behind
the theft and publishing ofDemocratic Party emails, and that Julian Assange
and WikiLeaks played a inportant part and "*very likely knew it was
assisting a Russian intelligence influence effort*." Republican senators
also concluded that Trump's campaign asked for advance notice of the
WikiLeaks disclosures so they'd have more time to make a better public
relations statement and even encouraged "*further theft of information and
continued leaks*."

The *Republican senators* also concluded that Roger Stone was asked by the
Trump campaign to find all the information WikiLeaks had about Clinton and the
Democrats and "*Trump and the Campaign believed that Stone had inside
information and expressed satisfaction that Stone's information suggested
more releases would be forthcoming*". The Republican senators said that
when Stone learned the infamous access Hollywood tape was about to be made
public he told WikiLeaks to start publishing the stolen Emails right away,
and 30 minutes later they were.

The *Republican senators* said Russia took advantage of the Trump
transition team's lack of sophistication and strong opposition to Obama
administration policies "*to pursue unofficial channels*." And "*it's
likely that Russian intelligence services exploited the Trump's transition
team's inexperience for Russia's advantage*".

The Republican senators also criticized the FBI, they said they "didn't act
aggressively enough to warn the Democratic National Committee about the
hacking operation" and they criticized the Democrats for being sloppy with
their computer security.

John K Clark
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