[ExI] California wildfires some of largest in state history

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> My father has done controlled burns, 1-2x per year at his work for about 15 years now, and about 8 years traveling all over Florida on burn team.
> Now, Florida is of course much wetter, but wetter also usually means the fuel builds up faster.
> I don’t know that he’s ever been on a fire which damaged property. In every situation where it was even a worry, they get the FD to proactively hose down the houses.
> No property or civilian has ever been hurt during these burns he has worked on, but a few years ago some firefighters cleared out of the wrong valley. They went into their emergency tents but the blaze was much too hot and so they were quite done in the middle by the time the fire had passed.
> SR Ballard

This article seems relevant-

California Chooses Wildfires Again Instead of Controlled Fires
Brian Wang | August 22, 2020

In 2019, Nextbigfuture wrote that California must choose between
uncontrolled or controlled fires. The entire 33 million acres of
forests needs to be burned every 10-20 years. More sensitive areas
near populations need to be thinned and managed without fire.

California should have 5 million acres per year of controlled burn for
six years to catch up and burn all of the 40 billion tons of kindling.
Controlled burns have been known to be the solution to forest
management for hundreds of years. Nextbigfuture wrote about this in

The dead trees will all end up burning. It is just a matter of when,
if we want to wait for nature to pick the time and places or where we


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