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> Furthermore, if the spike-protein from SARS that is only 72.88%
> similar to its corresponding sequence in the bat virus nonetheless
> arose naturally in SARS, then there is no reason to assume that the
> 1378 bp insert that is 70.31% similar to its corresponding sequence in
> the bat virus did not naturally occur as well. The SARS virus was
> thought to have been passaged from bat to civet to human. So the Wuhan
> coronavirus was also likely passaged from bats through some food
> animal in the densely crowded live food market in Wuhan.
That is a fair argument.

For your first part though, I don't know how easily we can interpret those
percentages when we are comparing ~30kbp to ~30kbp similarity percentages
with ~30kbp to ~2kbp percentages.  They don't mean the same thing, no?
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