[ExI] Consciousness as 'brute fact' and meta-skepticism

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Sat Feb 8 22:51:48 UTC 2020

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> John, you have entirely missed the point.  I said the measurement would
> not tell you what consciousness is, but simply a way to measure it
> objectively.

If you used EEG you'd certainly be measuring something objectively, but not
something anyone would intuitively think had anything to do with

*> If the measurements do not correlate with what we think of with common
> sense as consciousness, then we choose another measurement. *

I don't believe any objective measurement would work for consciousness
unless you make an assumption of the very thing you were trying to prove.

  > Without that there is no hope of making consciousness a scientific
> entity.

I agree, and that's why, unlike intelligence, consciousness will never be a
scientific entity.

John K Clark
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