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And dang it, I'm so looking forward to when we discover hundreds of more
primary qualities than just redness grenness and blueness.  How many do you
think we might discover?  And I'm so looking forward to being uploaded to
something like that with not only thousands of times more phenomenal color
depth, but also thousands of time more computationally bound resolution.
 Dioramas of knowledge with far more the only 3 dimensions, and on and on.

Being uploaded to something that isn't like anything, will NOT be the same.

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> Hi stathis,
> On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 4:57 PM Stathis Papaioannou via extropy-chat <
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>> How are you going to upload redness without glutamate inside the computer?
> Ah, the real reason stathis and everyone is so loath to give up their
> cherished beliefs about quaila being substrate independent.
> The fact of the matter is, redness is something.  We don't know yet, what,
> but it is still a quality of something.
> So this basically proves that a machine that is intentionally designed to
> be independent of such things (via lots of dictionaries.) aren't going to
> have any redness.
> But, this doesn't mean simulations, even phenomenal simulations, aren't
> going to be possible.
> If we don't want to worry about things like turning humans off, when we
> restart our simulations, and other such immoral stuff, we just do
> everything in an amoral abstract way, that isn't physically like anything.
> If we want a phenomenal simulation, we need to make simulated knowledge
> out of basement level physical knowledge, like our brain does, when it
> simulates reality.  Anything we want, including going though walls, is
> possible in these kinds of simulated worlds of knowledge.
> Brent
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