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*>You, John, and everyone on this list continue to claim there is no way we
> could know what qualia were like in another brain. But using this type of
> neural ponytail, where you provide something like the 300 million neurons,
> computationally binding 4 hemispheres the way the corpus callosum
> computationally bind 2 hemispheres.* [...] *So why do you you or John or
> anyone continue to think that we can't know, given this*

I'll do this one more time. I'm what a unified 2 hemisphere brain does
because my corpus callosum has NOT been cut so I don't know what it's like
to be a isolated hemisphere, and if it was cut neither hemisphere would
know what it's like to be a non-isolated unified 2 hemisphere brain. And a
4 hemisphere brain wouldn't know what it's like to be a 2 hemisphere brain.
I've said all this before more than once but rather than challenge my
answer you just keep asking the exact same question, why don't I think it
will work.

*> your talking at the composite qualia level.  Of course composite qualia
> is going to be very unique for each individual.* [...]  *This is
> especially true for color knowledge. *

Brown is just dim orange and the only way you can know it's dim is if you
have access to something that is not dim. Qualia is no different from
everything else in that regard, it needs contrast to be meaningful. So it's
meaningless to talk about elemental qualia in isolation because all qualia
is composite.

 John K Clark
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