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you should get exactly the same sensation and perception.  bill w

That is what I’m trying to say.  So what is it that has that redness
quality you are experiencing as knowledge of the strawberry, even though
there is not light and no strawberry?

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>> If you surgically remove your eyes, and are put into a room with no
>> light, then stimulate the optic nerve, identical to the way it would be
>> when looking at a strawberry.   You would have identical knowledge of the
>> strawberry.
> Technically not identical.  You would know the information comes from a
> different source.  This may color - pun thoroughly intended - how you treat
> this information, making the knowledge perhaps less reliable.
>> What is that knowledge, and what is it that has the redness quality you
>> experience?  This can’t be ‘perception’ as that requires eyes.
> Incorrect.  It is entirely possible to perceive via sound, touch, smell,
> and taste.  If you had other senses, such as a visual-replacement as you
> describe here, those could perceive too.  Indeed, one might say that the
> ability to perceive via it is required for a thing to qualify as a "sense".
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