[ExI] Which direction does the arrow of time point in Conway's Game of Life?

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> It makes no difference. If 3D space is finite then it must be closed and curved
>> and have no center just as the 2D surface of a sphere has no center.
> * > If the universe were a simulation running on someones
> quantum computer, then it could be finite and flat or even finite and
> open. *

If our universe is a simulation then all bets are off.... or almost all...
it still wouldn't have a center.

> * > the gravitational time dilation caused by massive objects in general
> relativity could also be interpreted as evidence of a simulation.  Massive
> objects tend to be composed of more elementary particles than  light
> objects. Each particle represents information in addition to  mass, so the
> slowdown of the passage of time in the vicinity of  massive objects could
> be considered the slowdown associated with  overloaded information
> processing.*

Except that Black Holes are the most massive thing in the universe but also
the simplest, they can be completely described by just 3 numbers, mass,
spin, and electrical charge; 2 really because electrical charge would
always be zero or close to it. The Earth was made with far fewer particles
than a Black Hole but it's vastly more complex, you'd need a hell of a lot
more than 2 numbers or even 3 to describe it.

> * > For example, think about the slowdown of video games at the more
> advanced levels when there are too many sprites moving around the  screen
> at one time.*

If they're running out of processing power but the simulators still want to
fool us then the solution would be simple, just slow down the simulation of
the people you're trying to fool, then to us it would look like the super
complex processing hogging thing had sped up.

John K Clark
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