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One good and one bad thing about maryjane:  Scientific American though it
was entirely possible that mj interfered with the brain development of
people under 25 so I'd be careful about that and advise those people to
wait.  It also said that they had some pretty good evidence that mj was
good for old people,though I don't remember what for (irony?)

Psychedelics have always scared me.  They say that you can have a bad trip,
and a trip can last up to 12 hours, and that does not seem like a great
idea to me.  But for $1000 I might try just about anything someone else has
taken safely.  My impression is that you get an Oh Wow experience but it
does nothing for any ability you have. Mj is great for sex and i think I"ll
stick to that. bill w

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> Yes, alcohol and tobacco are probably the worst "dope" on the planet.
> Meanwhile, we all know about medical cannabis (I don't support daily
> recreational use of it though.)  And there are amazing strides being made
> on psychedelic- and MDMA-assisted therapy.
> I would also advise anyone here to take psychedelics.  I'm not exactly an
> "everyone trip now!!!!!" kinda guy but smart people taking psychedelics is
> good.  It's incredible what the mind is capable of.
> Spike--I challenge you to do some mushrooms.  If you don't think it's an
> extremely interesting and rewarding experience, I will pay you $1000.
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