[ExI] Which direction does the arrow of time point in Conway's Game of Life?

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>> I can imagine a consciousness existing in a time without a place but not
>> in a place without time.
> > What do you mean by this exactly?

I can imagine a consciousness with a deep understanding of number theory
and the laws of logic but not know anything about high school geometry or
even have the knowledge or the ability to sense that space exists; but a
mind needs to be dynamic and change with time, without time a mind couldn't
have a train of thought and without that it's not a mind.

 A mind is what a brain does, so a brain in a vat with no sense transducers
connected to the outside world would produce a mind that had no knowledge
that space even existed, but it would still have a sense of time because it
would still experience a sequence of thoughts. A mind like that would exist
in only one dimension, time.

> *I think I may not understand your stance on consciousness as well as I
> thought.  You are a curious one.*

You are very polite and tactful, I've been called far worse.

John K Clark
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