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 We only use a simplified version of the easiest theory to falsify, "elemental
> qualia are molecular material qualities
> <https://canonizer.com/topic/88-Molecular-Materialism/36>," is to better
> help people understand what it means to be qualia blind.  Once people
> understand how not to be qualia blind with the simplest theory, and they
> can easily falsify (or verify) that glutamate = redness, they can then do
> the same for all other more capable theories.  Not being qualia blind is
> what is required before experimentalists can start to falsify all these
> competing theories predicting the nature of qualia.  Any theory is
> justified for being used as a working hypothesis, till it is falsified.

### But really, nobody cares! The hypothesis of qualia being "molecular
properties" is so bad that nobody with even a glimmer of knowledge would
consider it as a legitimate hypothesis.

You might want to read some of Eliezer's writings on the generation of
hypotheses - for a hypothesis to be worth considering, it must already have
a lot of evidence in favor of it. There is an infinity of hypotheses that
can be randomly generated but their mere generation is not enough to devote
computational resources to them.

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