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> But as you know more than most, we have thousands of diseases or
> conditions with some genetic links that we have had for many millennia and
> they are still around.  Just waiting for natural selection seems a poor
> choice.  I can see a future where everyone will get genetic testing, paid
> for in part by the government, since health conditions of children drain a
> lot of public funds.  Prevention is always better.  Of course there will be
> those who resist such testing and they will be shown that they are paying
> the price by the poorer health of their children compared to those tested.

No doubt there are some obvious fixes we could apply, but don't pooh-pooh
natural selection: it's done us right so far. There's more we don't know
about genetics and epigenetics than we do know, and our "fixes" may turn
out to be naive or have unintended consequences. Genetic diversity is good
for the species--we never know when a mutation will turn out to be
beneficial for some new disease or condition.

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