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>…So what can a government do?


Write a 4th Amendment acknowledging intentional limits to what a government can do.


>…Investigate anyone who sends encrypted messages?


See above.  The 4th amendment is our own government’s recognition that a sealed letter is a form of encryption: they are paid to deliver the message but cannot legally open it.


>…I suppose you can battle that by sheer numbers of people doing it…


Of course.  


>…I remember reading in Heinlein that when a government issued id cards to everyone which were required to live in the society, it was time to move on.   bill w


Sure, however at some point there is no on to move to. This planet is already out of on.  If you know where there is still on to be found, do share.  I will seriously consider moving on.


In the meantime, there is a reason why we are paying such close attention to that recent distasteful episode involving the FISA court, which is a special-case permission for the government to go around its own 4th amendment.  The problem with that was pointed out when the FISA court was first established: over time special cases become less special.  A human or group of humans are in charge of determining what constitutes a special case.  This is dangerous and invites abuse.






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