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my reward from donating to Wikipedia.  Trivia:  did you know that owls
cannot move their eyes?  No wonder they need swivel necks!  bill w

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Fifteen amazing photos, from the volunteers at Wikipedia.
[image: Wikipedia]
[image: WikiLovesEarth2019]
*Thank you*

Please accept this small token of our gratitude for donating to Wikipedia
in 2019. It’s a series of amazing images to explore from the Wiki Loves
Earth contest. Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photo
competition organized worldwide by Wikimedia community members.

Why did we choose to send you photos from Wiki Loves Earth? For some, they
are simply fun to explore--and we know our donors have curious minds and
love to learn.

For others, they serve as an annual reminder of how big the world we live
in actually is. For every photograph taken, a person was there to
experience something amazing and they decided to share it with you. With
everyone. For free.

That’s what Wikimedia is all about, and you just made it a little better.
Thank you for being an active part of this beautiful world we share.
    See the photos

[image: WinnersWLE]

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free and ad-free!
[image: Android]
[image: iOS]
[image: FollowSocial]

Presenting the stunning 2019 winners from the world’s largest photo contest.
[image: Facebook Share]
[image: Twitter Share]
[image: Survey]

How can we do better? Take this quick survey and let us know.
    Take our survey

*Happy new year to you and yours from all of us here at the Wikimedia

Images all freely licensed, found on Wikimedia Commons.

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