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> Damien stopped posting because he was very annoyed at the incessant US
> political chatter, where USians appear to think we are the only country in
> the world.  Far too often we assume that everyone cares who is our
> president and what he thinks or does.

Ohhhhh. Fair enough.  I did a search but did not see anything from him in
the last 5 or 6 posts.  Unless there's gaps in my extropy archive on
gmail.  I can totally understand that, that's ... the entire fucking
internet, pretty much.  In the last few months before the last US election
I withdrew from nearly all interactive online things (mostly gaming) which
had Americans in it because it was just non-stop hysteria and shrieking
back and forth.  It drives the rest of us crazy.  But that's okay! If we
miss anything, the media in Australia will give us a minute-by-minute
update on nearly anything to do with US politics, because they think we
care.  I suspect mostly because it is cheap content.

> We also lost Anders Sandberg and Eugen Leitl that way and several other
> valuable posters.

I thought that happened after 911 when the list suddenly discovered it's
inner nuke-em-all gun nut.

>  In retrospect I partially blame myself for doing too little to encourage
> that to tone down forthwith and be respectful of international
> perspectives.

But in fairness to you, living in the US, you'd be used to that sort of
stuff and might not see it as unusual, whereas from the outside it looks
... insane.   In Australia it is not the done thing to discuss politics or
religion.  I kind of like the way the population of the US (at least the
parts I interact with) are so politically engaged (compared to Australians)
- but I also hate the fact that a lot of the Americans I know are so
politically engaged ;p

> BillK doesn’t hammer us with whatever Her Majesty is doing because it
> doesn’t apply to most of us.  Australia has a Prime Minister, but I don’t
> know who it is and don’t concern myself with Australian affairs.  So Damien
> didn’t post about that.  He and plenty of others would prefer we USians
> would return the favor.

On behalf of the rest of the global internet, I would agree.  But I'm used
to it, so I just ignore it.  From where I sit it's mostly a religious civil
war, instead of politics being discussed amongst civilised humans.

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