[ExI] The Japanese mystery: why so few COVID cases?

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> *> Lymphocytes cannot divide enough times such that a weird DNA damaging
> UV dose would matter. *

I think it would matter because there are 5 different types of Lymphocytes
and one of them, Memory B Cells, are long lived and remain in the
bloodstream for decades, without them vaccines wouldn't work. There are
billions of subtypes of B cells because they are very specialized. An
Individual B Cell can only make one specific antibody, there might only be
a few or even just one B Cell in the entire body that can recognize one
particular virus, but if it does it can reproduce very quickly. Of course
sometimes things go wrong because the virus can reproduce even faster than
the B Cell can, and just as bad sometimes the B Cell reproduces too fast.

Two other types of Lymphocytes are Regulatory B cells and Helper T cells
and their job is to keep the immune system and inflammation under control,
the concentration of such cells is quite low but without them we'd all be
dead. Many if not most deaths from viruses are thought to be caused not by
the virus itself, at least not directly, instead death comes because the
immune system goes into hyper overdrive, it vastly overreacts and goes into
a "Cytokine Storm" which results in massive Inflammation with the immune
system turning into the enemy by ordering yet another type of Lymphocyte,
Killer T Cells, to attack perfectly healthy human cells. Death by friendly

John K Clark
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