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John, do you not think that Trump explored all the avenues in which he
could dictate what he wanted? And do you not think that his advisors told
him exactly what his powers were?  And when he heard them, he decided that
he could do nothing that would win him any political points, so he decided
to sit there and hope it all goes away soon.  I think that is a very likely

bill w

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>> >> "*Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy
>>> -- the Territory of Hawaii was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval
>>> and air forces of the Empire of Japan. I'm sure I speak for all Americans
>>> when I say I wish the Hawaiians the very best of luck in the difficult
>>> struggle they have before them.*"
>> > Ja.  Do you see the difference between a military attack by a foreign
>> military and an attack by a virus?
> No.
> *> To do what it sounds like you expect would require POTUS to assume
>> dictatorial powers, which POTUS cannot legally do.*
> Japan, South Korea, Germany, Australia , New Zealand, Canada and many
> other countries managed to do what needed to be done and none of them
> have a dictator but they all had something the US disn't have, a leader
> who was not an imbecile.
> John K Clark
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