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Hi BillK, this is an even better test case than California recent reopening
of the bars, because the data is less obscured by other events.  The British
have decided to open their pubs today, perhaps to celebrate the 244th
anniversary of good riddance to those bothersome rebellious colonies:






I suspect this will lead to a big surge in C-19 cases for the same reason it
apparently did here in the colonies.  But sooner or later UK must open back
up.  Sooner or later, every economy everywhere on the planet must open back
up, regardless of who is running the show.  The same economic factors apply


So. Here we go.  In a week we find out how many new cases, in a month we
find out how many new deaths.  BillK, regardless of the outcome, I give you
my solemn word, should it go as badly as I suspect, I will never laugh at
UK's or any nation's calamity, even those nations I don't like (I like UK
(many of my own ancestors are from there (including one who sailed on the


No one ever accuses the British of cowardice.  Regardless of how this turns
out, it will give the world an important dataset.  BillK, best wishes to all
of you, me lads.





By the way BillK, what's up with that British flag?  Does that not imply
tacit support for the confederacy?  Needs to be changed.



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