[ExI] Famous Scientists saying Racist Things

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>...That's correct, but the origins of the term Pale were centuries before Catherine the Great, empress of Russia (1762–96).
Other examples of pales include the English pales in Ireland and France...



A long time ago, I was told of a particularly savage form of execution reserved for bad guys who did things like raping and murdering a child.  They would get a wooden pole (or pale) with a blunt end kinda like a giant dildo, shove it up the miscreant's rear (impale him) set the pole upright and let gravity do its thing.

Even a vague description of this form of execution would likely discourage perpetrators much more effectively than our wimpy lethal injections.  I don't expect they needed to do that procedure often.

The expression beyond the pale would be hyperbole indeed, referencing some form of execution worse than having a pale shoved up one's ass.


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