[ExI] Seeds of War

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Thu Jul 30 02:43:47 UTC 2020

Quoting Robert Kennedy III:

> some say this mystery-seeds-from-China thing is just some fraudsters'
> scams exploiting a bug in Amazon.
> Or that it's "Gaslighting"  (A word I don?t use often enough-somehow I
> managed to grow up without seeing the Ingrid Bergman movie so I missed
> that meme.)
> The fraud seems like a stretch to me.  Also I know that Asian "murder
> hornets" showed up out of the blue in the Pacific Northwest this winter.
>  So I've been having unsettling thoughts about clandestine bio-warfare
> or eco-sabotage.

Your instincts serve you well, Robert. It is hard to believe that a  
regime that tracks its citizens so thoroughly
that it can stop a viral epidemic in its tracks would be unaware that  
its merchants are exporting seeds out of country, benign or harmful.

Therefore the most likely scenario is some sort of biological or  
agricultural eco-warfare especially in light of the honeybee  
destroying murder hornets, if not COVID-19 in the first place. The  
Chinese government certainly seems onboard with war judging by their  
closure of our embassies and lack of conciliatory behavior.

It seems pretty obvious that Trump is desperate to get us into a war  
with somebody, and it doesn't seem to matter who since Iran, China,  
and Antifa all seem plausible. Except that of all of them, China seems  
to be the most eager to fight at this time. Since no POTUS has ever  
lost his job in the middle of a war, not even a civil war, I think  
that it statistically safe to to say that if we go to war for any  
reason before November, then Trump will likely win a second term.

The problem is that even if by some miracle, we avoid war until after  
the election, the war is likely to still happen. So any candidate who  
runs against Trump had better have a plan in place to counter China's  
warmongering that does not involve submitting to communist tyranny. If  
Biden's plan is simply to roll over and let China have their way with  
us, then he has no chance to be elected.

Stuart LaForge

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