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Hi bill w,

My working hypothesis is that evolution has bread us to co-operate in
groups, for the survival of the fittest group.  The largest group, best
able to cooperate, destroy and out compete, or consume all other groups is
the most fit.  And since hierarchies are the simplest way to organize and
cooperate, that’s what we have been bread for.  So, rather than
“rationality” it’s all about supporting the guy at the top better than all
other groups.  It’s all about us/vs them, and there is no morality, other
than what the guy at the top says.  We’ve been bread, for billions of
years, to fear and to kill anything that is not supporting that hierarchy,
and to listen only to the guy at the top.

Is it any wonder, then, if when people ask Trump: “How will we know when
America is Great Again?”  His answer is: “I will tell you when it is
great.”  Sure, that’s completely irrational, but he is still winning and
out competing anything else.

We just need to find a way so that leaderless organization can know,
concisely and quantitatively, what everyone at the bottom wants, easily and
efficiently.  Until we can know that, there will always be a leaderless
vacuum that must be filled by something, telling us all what to do.

Basically, that is what canonizer is trying to do with its consensus
building system.  Only when we know what all the people at the bottom want,
concisely and quantitatively, at scale, will we be able to cooperate,
enough to out compete hierarchies.  Once we can all do that, when Trump or
Kim Jon-un want to go off and fight, we can just say: “Sure, go knock
yourself out.”  As for the rest of us, we now know, rationally, concisely
and quantitatively what we all want to do, so we’re going to do that,

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> Esp. to John, but to everybody:
> I keep reading the evolution just cobbles together the best thing it can
> with the materials at hand and the thing may not be the perfect thing.
> So - how do we explain irrationality and the very numerous errors in
> thinking, none of which seem to be supportive of survival?  Aside from
> protecting the ego in certain instances, it would seem that distortion of
> reality works against survival.  Eh?
> bill w
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