[ExI] Muslim and Supermuslim: Toward Islamic transhumanism?

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> This is exactly my point, which I don't feel that Guilio is getting.
> Atheism in itself, does not produce or encourage, or suggest in any way,
> any behaviour that could be called 'extreme', 'fundamentalist' or
> 'militant'. Or anything else, for that matter. This is why I'm saying there
> is no such thing, *can't* be any such thing, as 'fundamentalist atheism'.

I think "can't" is too strong. If someone so atheist that they feel
compelled to rid the world of theists, I'd say "fundamentalist atheism"
might be a label for that, though "fundamental antitheist" might be better.

That said, I don't think that's what's behind state atheism.

Equating people who are violent, coercive, etc., and happen to be atheists,
> with people who are violent, coercive, etc. *because of* *their religion*
> is false. There are very many examples of religious fundamentalists, but
> none of atheist 'fundamentalists'. It's a nonsensical concept (as I've
> said, I *really really*, furiously, in the extreme and with a passion,
> don't play football. How does this distinguish me from someone who merely
> doesn't play football?

If you take an AR/AK and start shooting at football players, you become an

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