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>>…From an EP standpoint, none of this would be unexpected.  People
without interest in the opposite sex don't usually contribute genes to
the next generation.


>…This could mean that homosexuality should have died out  long ago if it was strictly genetic, right?  I have been pondering women's breasts (again) and have always wondered why we have such an obsession with them. (Freud thought that it was because we got weaned too early and developed a fixation on them - nah).  Could EP explain that this is Nature's way of pointing men at the right sex objects for making babies?   bill w



BillW, all indications of fertility have been soft-wired into our brains by evolution to appear sexy.  Our sexual orientations have to be somehow coded into our genetic make-up.  It is somehow instinct, just as my neighbor’s sheepdog (who has never seen a sheep) got a puzzled look on his face when he sniffed my wool pants.  His instincts were telling him: herd that.  Been there, herd that.  The songs of distant ancestors were calling to him.  The poor lad, I have never seen such a confused pup.  {8^D


I sure don’t recall having learned heterosexuality from anyone, or anyone teaching me that boobs are attractive.  They just are.  I don’t recall a sign-up sheet coming around for hetero.


The instinct view causes me to be sympathetic with gays: somehow their instincts must be coded into their DNA just as mine were 9 months before I was born.


Evolutionary psychology explains why homosexuality persists: it can be genetic but not expressed, and it can benefit the community.  It can benefit the siblings.  Reasoning: woman feels more at ease with gay man, hangs out with him, meets his straight brothers, gay man gets nieces and nephews.  Or more specifically: gay men do reproduce.  For reasons I have never understood, gay men seem to be very popular with straight women.  Feeling of safety perhaps?  Easy enough to envision they will go along with her wishes and breed.




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