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>...Short of having a superabundance of test kits (and perhaps not even
then, given how a test is likely to work (detecting antibodies, which take
time to develop in an infected person)), I doubt if there is any way anyone
can know how widespread this virus is. The thing that no-one seems to be
talking about is the significance of the 14-day latency period. How can you
track something when you're always 14 days behind it?... Ben Zaiboc


That problem persists even with a superabundance of test kits.  Reason:
citizens are groomed to the notion that health care is their right and there
should be no market controls.  As soon as that is in place, everyone wants a
test every two weeks.  Then every week.  Then every time junior sniffles or

Assume widespread testing, the negative-testers mistakenly believe they are
immune, subsequently catch the virus, spread it everywhere believing that
since they have tested negative they will stay negative.

Rafal is a doctor.  He likely has some stories to tell about patients who
see all the correct facts and somehow jump to stunningly illogical

I agree with Ben, perhaps more than Ben agrees with Ben.  Testing will not
solve this problem, and may make it worse.


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