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>…the old saw about Mussolini getting the trains to run on time. …




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Had it been so, it would still be a bad thing: punctual trains would cause more of the population to become dependent upon them, which would result in Italy being more vulnerable to covid.


Oh wait…


The USA, anticipating such emergencies, intentionally built a lot of roads rather than rails, gently coaxing the masses to rely upon their own cars rather than ever-more hazardous public transit.


Speaking of trains running on time, I am told that the local BART does run mostly on time, except for a periodic phenomenon that happens about as often as the moon waxes full: trains have become the weapon of choice for proles to end their misery.  No I don’t mean intentionally sitting next to the guy having a coughing fit.  


Perhaps as an unintentional consequence of stricter access to firearms and the construction of safety fence on freeway overpasses and bridges, the method of choice now is to go out by the tracks, gulp the last swig of rotgut, step in the path of the speeding train, adios cruel world.  Instant demise is perfectly assured, and as painless as these things can be, it works for those terrified of heights, likely far less suffering than the medical condition threatening to end the trackwalkers existence soon.


When the train strikes a prole, it is obligated to stop so that the authorities may find the remains and attempt an identification.  This of course delays hundreds of commuters into that pristine city of San Francisco, meaning the trains don’t always run on time, even if in perfect repair and run in a perfectly orderly way.  


I would counter suggest we use the current opportunity to develop better ways to do our work and our lives with fewer trips and less office time.  We can do it.  We are doing it, in education, right now.  I am sitting in my own home as my son does his schoolwork in front of his monitor.  No danger.  No virus.  No being pushed into classrooms with murderous miscreants.  Better instruction (we tiptoe around that part of it (but it is difficult to deny that Sal Khan is a far superior instructor compared to the school staff.))  


In all this, I am not suggesting I have an answer to suicidal trackwalkers, but rather that we have the technology to reduce the number of necessary trains and cars, if we use the technology we have.











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