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> If anyone knows:  when taking courses online, how do they determine if the
> person taking the courses takes the tests?  How do you prevent cheating of
> various kinds?  I have no idea.

To prevent various kinds of cheating, there are various kinds of

1) Open book exams.  What cheating?  Heck, in some cases, copying & pasting
the answer can be all but encouraged - because it means you know how to
find the answer when you need it.  Unless someone leaked the answer to that
specific version of the test - in which case, just make a new version each
time, and have everyone who'll be taking it, take it at the same time.

2) Where the students should be writing answers in their own words,
literal-same-word repeats between different students' answers is a red flag.

3) Timed quizzes where looking up the answer would itself take too much
time: either you know it off the top of your head or you don't.  (Though
some can look things up much faster than others.)

4) Write the questions with synonyms to what's written in the book, or
otherwise rephrase to what a human should be able to process but the easily
publicly accessible AIs can not.  Google the questions beforehand, to make
it at least likely that the students won't be able to simply look up the

And that's just off the top of my head.
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