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If anyone knows:  when taking courses online, how do they determine if the person taking the courses takes the tests?  How do you prevent cheating of various kinds?  I have no idea.


bill w



They don’t.  But your question gives me an idea.


To get credentials, one would need to sit for proctored tests in a controlled environment.  A student could learn the material any way available.  BillW since you are in the education field, do think this over: what if… the mainstream-ey classes could have standardized testing.  We have the SAT and GRE, such as that.  We could have a standardized test for thermodynamics, for machine design, for structures, for vibration analysis, all of it.


Note that my area is engineering, which is an objective area of learning.  The idea formulating in my mind is only applicable to objective fields of study.  I have no idea how psychology classes would work, or literature or anything that requires classes to discuss stuff.  With engineering, math, physics, my world, the material can be learned any which way and credentials could be issued based on standardized testing.




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