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No aspirin.  Well, the fever is what the body does to kill germs, so
lowering a fever is really not a good idea anyway, right?  It's just for
comfort, until it goes to high, over 103 I think.

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>> It is my understanding that your body kills a virus or the virus kills
>> your body.  There is only symptomatic treatment, right?
>> So just how is corona going to overwhelm our health system?  People will
>> seek treatment but there isn't any - stay home and don't infect others.
>> Plenty of fluids; aspirin for fever; supplemental oxygen for severe
>> cases.  What else?
>> Who knows?
> ### NO ASPIRIN!!!!!!
> This is medical advice from me, a physician licensed in the states of
> Virginia and North Carolina - DO NOT self-administer ASPIRIN, IBUPROFEN,
> NAPROXEN and other similar medications if you suspect you have the Wuhan
> virus. These medications may be associated with increased mortality in this
> disease.
> Consult with your physician for suspected infection.
> Rafal
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