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With the way things are going where I live, my boyfriend and I are considering buying a gun, but not really sure is we can afford it.

One of our roommates feels the same.

The other thinks we are crazy.

At this point I can just walk up the street and buy one.

The important thing is, I think, if people actually WOULD stay home, they won’t need to enforce it in a draconian way. But people are too selfish to act in their own best interests. 

For example: people who think wearing seatbelts doesn’t look cool.

SR Ballard

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> >…NJ is already getting sued for making it impossible to buy firearms under the close down as a direct violation of the 2nd…
> They are selling like hotcakes out here.  Sales of AR-15s were brisk during the previous administration, but slumped in the current one.  Now I am told 5.56 NATO ammo is getting hard to find and there may be profiteering taking place.  I don’t need any .223 cal so I haven’t seen it firsthand.
> NJ is causing the gunsmith to lose a lotta business at a time when she would otherwise be going like a bat outta hell.
> spike
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