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To clarify my comment below, I didn't mean the proto-biolgical building
blocks that have been observed, such as R,S-glycine, R,S-alanine, adenine,
ribose, and their friends; or the simple protenoids and polypeptides -
those building blocks of biology can and do spontaneouly form. I meant
higher-order biologial molecles like, I dunno, hydrolases, or NADPH
synthases, biologcally active structures like that.


I have never seen evidence of the spontaneous formation in the galaxy of
even biological-like molecules (like an ATPase or something), much less
functional ones.


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It occurred to me today that Wolfram's hypergraph theory offers a solution
to the paradox of Boltzmann brains.

Boltzmann brains show up when you contemplate sufficiently large
numbers of fluctuating
physical entities (atoms, molecules), where any physically possible
arrangement of molecules eventually happens by some random aggregation of

The theorists assume that the likelihood of a particular arrangement of
smaller entities coming "randomly" into existence is a more or less simple
function of the number of entities needed to form that arrangement.

Since it takes a lot fewer atoms to make a brain than needed to make a
galaxy, brains just randomly forming and miserably and almost immediately
expiring somewhere in the universe should outnumber galaxies randomly
forming in that universe by some hundreds of orders of magnitude.
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