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Wait spike are you joking about not catching it on top of a train?  Confined spaces don't have to be inside.  Close proximity should be enough for transfer whether you are inside the train or on top of it.  But I couldn't tell if you were being facetious or not… Will






We don’t really know.  I have heard the riskiest thing is a small indoor space with a lot of people, because a sneeze can hang in the air for a long time.  The outdoors describes a big space.  If someone sneezes near me I would far rather it be outside than in.


Given that observation, it would be safer to travel on top of a train than inside one.


Do you know of cases where the only contact was outdoors?  An example would be someone who lives alone in a single-family house, gets supplies delivered, and walks with others but only outside.  Or anyone catching the virus at the beach?  Do we have any examples of transmission under those conditions?  Do we have any cases of transmission to motorcycle or snowmobile back-seaters?



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