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> But worse - ASC is complete brain destruction, leaving you reliant on a
> clean reading of the data within that brain. And while we can map the
> geography of the connectome clearly from an ASC preserved brain (if we can
> Eye-Wire all the neurons! And glia....)  we can't read the chemical states,
> plus we lose all the dynamics of the smaller dendritic spines. The chemical
> states include both the ionic state of each neuron, plus the pattern of
> neurotransmitter concentrations. That information is all lost. Forever.

### That information is lost within 20 minutes of dying, no matter what
approach you take to preservation.

> So, I say a huge *ACK!* to aldehyde stabilized cryopreservation, beautiful
> as it is. It's a great tool to stabilize the tissue and to study the
> connectome, no question. Brilliant. But if you ever want to be "you" again
> - keep your brain intact !!!

### As I mentioned, who is me is a matter of personal opinion.

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