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California governor declared that manufacturing could re-open, but the
Alameda county authority said no.  Elon Musk said he was opening anyway.
Did it:




No one was arrested.  After a trade of insults, Musk threatened to take his
HQ to another state.  The governor and the mayor of Palo Alto are imploring
Alameda county authorities to stand down forthwith.


I am cheering for Musk: that Fremont factory is a 6 minute dreamy
counterflow commute from here.  That factory has sent our local school's
average test scores and real estate values thru the roof, which causes the
locals to love the guy with all our hearts, even if it is for selfish


I disqualify my own attitude, because I directly benefit from that factory,
and several of my neighbors drive Teslas, which lowers my power costs
(explanation available on request.)  Those who do not have any direct
benefit from Musk's actions or the restrictions, I would be interested to
hear your comments on his re-opening the factory against county orders.





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