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> which is why it has never been done, even though nearly everyone at that level of power would have cheerfully done so.


>…I don't think that's true, Washington could have easily made himself dictator but he chose not to…


This makes me a big fan of Washington.  He was the first and perhaps only libertarian to be elected to that high office.  He set an important precedent that was followed but not codified into law until a century and a half later.  He left office after two terms, as did his successors. 


>… But Trump does want to be dictator and he already has the Senate and the Supreme Court in his pocket, not to mention the Attorney General.  John K Clark


Then why didn’t he do it?  Because the constitution prevents it.  The SCOTUS will swear in whoever it collectively believes wins the EC vote in December 2020.


What I see as a bigger threat: a seriously disputed election, not by the players but by the voters.  You have long known my uneasiness with machine voting, but now with expanded use of mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, that problem gets worse.


We may not know who won the coming election.  It was kinda that way in 2000, but it didn’t matter then: the candidates were indistinguishable to most voters.  This time around, many voters claim they can tell them apart, but I still cannot.  What has either of them said to convince me they know what to do when the lenders suddenly stop lending?



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