[ExI] Hitler and Trump was Even India and Haiti do it better

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Tue May 12 17:40:51 UTC 2020

Huh?  What motivates stressed people is stress.  The problem with many is
that they don't have a lot of coping mechanisms and when those don't work,
anything looks good to try.

But I do think that all this stress will, in the long run, be good for
people.  Some will find coping mechanisms that work and will use them
regularly.  Some will find that they can, in fact, survive a lot of
stress.  People will look back on this and tell grandchildren about it and
what they suffered.  Many who were always griping about needing a rest, got
a big one.  Lots of soul-searching out there; job changing; relationship
changing.  In many ways this is a unique opportunity to study people.

We know one thing:  they will clear the toilet paper aisle, first thing.

bill w

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> On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 6:44 AM Dylan Distasi wrote:
> > I think you know that is not what I am saying, but comparing Trump to
> > Hitler is hyperbole and unhelpful in fostering a meaningful discussion.
> I disagree, though the particular people (Hitler and Trump) are less
> important than the social and economic conditions that caused their
> rise to influence.
> Stressed people spread xenophobic memes and promote irrational
> leaders.  Why?  Because in the stone age genes were selected for this
> behavior when people were facing bleak times.
> I can think of no discussions more meaningful than understanding what
> motivates people, especially stressed people facing a bleak future.
> Keith
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