[ExI] [Ex] Hitler and Trump was Even India and Haiti do it better

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Utopian SciFi is rare.  Star Trek is almost that.  My favorite was K Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation, even though that wasn’t SciFi, but speculative science.




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I dunno about writers.  My daughter likes dystopian novels. She said that she is uplifted by the success that was accomplished at the end, when they survived.  It is true that every sci-fi book I ever read had a happy endings for most of the favorite characters.


What with the antiscience feelings that seem popular, whoever is doing utopian stuff is not getting through to most people.  I can sit here in my recliner and look at every single thing in the room and not find one, not one thing, that has not been created or affected by science, and most people just don't notice, and take all of it for granted.


bill w 

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